logo_arista_smallRomanian artist from the School of Bucharest.
His excellent technique acquired while studying plastic arts enables him to realize large scale paintings covered with thick and heavy layers of oil painting which gives a strong and powerful dimension to his work. Between abstraction and precision, inspired from Arman’s work and Giacometti’s
that he revisits with his own palette.



Bernard Reyboz  1951 - 2012.

He started his professional career in illustration for advertisement and publishing. He then decides in 1978 to devote himself fully to his artistic work.

Bernard Reyboz’s work leads to a different apprehension of the world. The artist offers a re-recreation of the world and of the living.

He discovers the pebble beaches of the Baie des Anges while visiting Nice in 1972. Knowing nothing of the importance that this theme is going to take in his work, he embarks on an adventure between the eye and reality which he makes unattainable by a precise organization and realism through a perfect technical mastery.

Having started with black and white pieces, the artist then explores the theme through colour.

"My attraction to pebbles was so strong that it led me to their close study. It was then translated into a series of paintings and drawings realised with the best trompe-l’œil technique my hands were capable of at the time."

The Percussion Fields and the Textures also originate from the study of Nature. Their homogenous texture comes from the observation of vegetal hedges. Year after year, the work on pebbles reveals itself in 3 dimensions to offer the Monoliths, elongated pebble shapes which evoke a slightly aquatic world. They gradually become volumes covered with signs, writings, and "organic signs"… volumes that have become graphic mediums whose purpose is now closer to expression, interpretation and fantasy.

The movement, a theme which he has worked on with subtlety, playing with visual effects, becomes central in his most recent art works: the Moving. The sculpture-objects have now become alive, mysterious in their appearance and in the unlikely way they move. Real demonstration of the living, The moving reflect the mystery of creation and set Bernard Reyboz’s work in time even more firmly.




logo_arista_smallSelf taught French artist, painter and sculptor. He walked in Picasso’s home on a special invitation, from then he stayed 10 years assisting him. Appointed artistic adviser of the city of Antibes and also assistant to the curator of Antibes’ Picasso Museum ; Dor de la Souchère, between 1975 and 1981.
He was also Jacqueline’s protégé, who entrusted him with Picasso’s etching tools. Friend of Hartung, of César, Mathieu, he will exhibit them as the temporary curator of the Picasso Museum.
He has dressed the women of the Côte d’Azur with metal, as the fashion designer who created the«lunar» fashion and has multiplied stage settings for summer festivals, amongst which the background scenery for the Jazz Festival in Juan les Pins and has runned happenings.«With stone or paper, with iron or steel my friend Gianangelli, golden hands magician, makes outstanding constructions burst out» : André Brasilier.




logo_arista_smallFrench self taught artist. With an interesting mixed technique of newspaper collage on canvas, he composes with China ink a world of anamorphosis. Using international newspapers, texts and pictures in color and black and white, his work can be looked at on various angles ; upside down. A certain poetry emanates from his creations as well as ambiguity in the association of the sombre news of the world and his dreamlike world.




Marc Piano was born August 8th, 1964 in Cannes. Since 11 years old, he discovered ceramics in Vallauris, spending his school holidays in workshops, especially Pascali’s one, where the  creations of Jean Marais were manufactured.

Located in the pottery village of Salins in the Doubs, he specializes in the production of large items at the request of several local potters.

Marc Piano is involved in the design of a line of ceramic lamps for Jacques Tonge.

And it is towards a creation of sculptures, ceramics, he turned, in a step outside visual artist profiles, or affiliation with any art movement, while claiming a special sensitivity for Germaine Richier's creations, Antonin Artaud's philosophy and the Surrealist movement. His openness and availability to the local contemporary artists led him to the realization of joint creations with artists such as Patrick Bocca Rossa Baldacchino Philippe Renaud Lembo, John Salvatore Parisi, Bernard Alligand Jürgen Waller and Olivier Roy. Sculptures of archaic type, ancestral, works of Marc Piano evolve into an art totem type, through a dark and fabulous bestiary.

Heir of "New Figuration" and of artists such as Combas, Marc Piano tirelessly pursues his work of "writing stories" using bits of earth in a process substantially Picassian .







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