Richard Orlinski is a French artist born in 1966 in Paris. Sculptor since 2004, he has surrounded himself with a team of highly skilled technicians. His works of art, designed around the concept of "Born Wild" reflect the core values ​​in a contemporary style, which never yields to the trash, to extravagance or ephemeral. His works touch a wide audience, including children fascinated by his iconic creations. Guest of honor at Art Elysées in Paris Art, Artiferia in Bologna, the festivals of Cannes, Deauville, Cabourg ... In 2010 he has been the second contemporary French artist best-selling in France by Art Price and two of his works are among the 10 highest auctions of 2011.

The challenge of Richard Orlinski through the concept "Born Wild"  is about transforming vital negative impulses into positive emotions, to move from primordial instinct to civilized emotion.  The vectors of this metamorphosis are the aesthetics of the artwork, the sculptor's quest for perfection of and the viewer's perception. Richard Orlinski stands for the idea that Art is for everyone and finds in popular imagery icons that serve his message. He creates works of art that act on our impulses, our archaisms.

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