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logo_arista_smallHe shows sculptures-installations on the basis of a simple intention to suspend the existence which is «unsustainable» and “unbearable”, combining the extremes of our existence.

In the middle of the 90s, CHAVANIS abruptly abandoned painting, sculpture and engraving not to devote any more  himself temporarily to writing and to photography. It is at the end of this fertile period of transition that he began conceiving these famous fantastic installations which seem to possess the wonderful property of the immaterial weight. His most spectacular realization in this domain doubtless is the suspension of a motorcycle V-MAX. We remain really stunned to notice  how much the sensation of avoiding such a  massive engine makes it to us unrecognizable. Dispossessed of its mass, the two-wheeler is at the same moment emptied of all the values with which it is symbolically associated. What is exposed to us is only an absurd object: unreal due to  its ethereal appearance. To understand indeed the sense of his current work,  it is necessary to return to the works of this "transition period". Because before beginning to investigate the diverse possibilities offered by the suspension, Stéphane CHAVANIS felt the need to bend more attentively over the concept of gravity.

Frédéric Blanc

Chavanis, comes to us with his Bestiary, which is a reflection, the consumer society evolved well, since Soutine, we enter another world between painting and sculpture, the other visions, the other propositions,  the times are modern, the food industry has gone through the gallery, set up as art?

Frédéric Altman (juin 2004)