Galerie Arista


logo_arista_smallHalf Greek, half Dutch artist, born and bred in France, educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and at Middlesex University. Cousin of Iris Clert on her father’s side, both plastic and graphic artist.
From black and white and color photography (exhibition of silver prints at the André Villers Museum of Photography in Mougins from February to June 2013) to hyper realistic drawings, she finds her energy and ideas in the heritage of the cultural past in all its forms (films, new media, fashion, postwar artistic movements) so as to create a work representative of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Athena Menekratis' latest works are on show at the Arista gallery, based on the theme of the human figure in various forms : Classical and yet Contemporary.

During the 64th International Cannes Film Festival she presented a collection of hyper-realistic drawings and paintings for an individual exhibition entitled "Fashion & Acting" at the Arista gallery in Cannes, referring to the theme of cinematic imagery, inspired from films noirs, the mood of the sixties and great iconic figures.

Lately, for the tribute paid to Philippe Bender, who for nearly forty years has been a great conductor worldwide and the art director of the Côte d'Azur, Athena Menekratis has been chosen to realise his portrait that she created with her unique technique using ink personalising her subject with a style reflecting her own artistic identity.

From this original piece, a limited edition of lithographs have been printed.